What I Am


Over the past decade, I’ve undertaken many successful business ventures. Over the next decade, I’m going to take on even more. Call me a rolling stone. I’ll stop when I’m dead.

Business Strategist

Battling is in my nature—and I have the scars to prove it. I fight for anything (and everything) I want by always looking for solutions that add meaningful business value.


I invest in people and opportunities. With the right team, even a half-formed idea can transform into an industry-leading company.


Disruption drives me. I’m constantly working to fix every problem in front of me. How can I tweak this? How can I do that better? Whenever I see a barrier, I tear it down.


Before my ACL injury, playing volleyball and soccer was life. Today, I compete in a different arena with my investments and business ventures.


I love helping people achieve things they never thought they could—and changing their industry and the world in the process.